Exciting Entrance To The Valna House With Grey Wall And Amazing Big Window Door

Casa Valna: Glass and Woods into One

Casa Valna is located at a place where I bet nobody would expect. Guess, where is the place? It is no other than Mexico, and it is also designed by JSa Arquitectura. I was surprised when I when I saw the house because it does not reflect Mexico at all! In fact, not even the glass reflects Mexico! Mexico is a hot place, so why would the designer create a…

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Exciting House With Wooden Wall Plus Wooden Trellis Sliding Door And Rough Gravel Stone Plus Brick Stone Flooring From Frontyard

Sky Catcher House from Wooden Material

I had a very good experience about a great house in Japan. That house was my elder sister’s house. She named her house Sky Catcher House. Actually, I did not know at all why she gave that name to her house. I remember at the first time I came in to her house. When I arrived at her house for the first time, I was so surprised about the exterior…

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Precious View Of The Washington Place For A Five Star House Details Design Architecture Drawing Plan All Sectors

Washington Place for a Five Star House

Washington Place is a luxury everyone would like to have. The amazing designs of the house never cease to amaze me. It was hard for me to believe that this house was actually a town home until it was recently renovated for the way it is now. The beauty of the house is definitely perfect for those who reside in New York, one of the mouse famous cities in the…

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