MIKI Meeting

MIKI Planning Committee
Kathryn Nelson

Ran Dai
Fundraising Chair

Adam Zarth

Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Minnesota
College of Pharmacy
8-101 Weaver Densford Hall
308 Harvard Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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In 1963, the first Medicinal Chemistry Meeting-in-Miniature, informally referred as The "MIKI" Meeting, was held at the University of Iowa. This meeting was organized by the founders listed below. Since then, the Departments of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy of the Universities of Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois at Chicago have alternately hosted these annual regional meetings. The MIKI meetings have been organized by students at the host university and have been one of the most successful annual regional meetings in the field of medicinal chemistry. Besides providing graduate students with opportunities to present their research at a scientific meeting, these annual meetings also act as a catalyst for sharing and exchanging ideas among students and faculties of the different universities.

Since 1966, the host university has invited an eminent scientist to deliver a keynote address. This allows MIKI participants to interact both professionally and socially with one of the top scientists in the field. 






O. Gisvold    

J.G. Cannon        

M.P. Mertes  

L. Bauer 

P.S. Portoghese

D.T. Witiak

E.E. Smissman

D. Coviello

T.O. Soine


R.A. Wiley

R. Daniels


J.E. Gearien

Location & Keynote

2012 in Iowa
Dr. Heidi E. Hamm
Vanderbilt University
Medical Center 2011 in Kansas
Dr. Dennis C. Liotta
Emory University

2010 in Illinios
Dr. Tomáš Hudlický
Brock University

2009 in Minnesota
Dr. Dale Boger
The Scripps Research Institute

2008 in Iowa
Dr. Daniel Kahne
Harvard University

2007 in Kansas
Dr. Albert Padwa
Emory University, Atlanta

2006 in Illinois
Dr. William Fenical
U. California, San Diego

2005 in Minnesota
Dr. Christopher Lipinski
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

2004 in Iowa
Dr. Kenner Rice
National Institutes of Health

2003 in Kansas
Dr. C. Dale Poulter
U. Utah

2002 in Illinois
Dr. Richard B. Silverman
Northwestern University

2001 in Minnesota
Dr. Andrew Hamilton
Yale University

2000 in Iowa
Dr. Michael Marletta
U. Michigan

1999 in Kansas
Dr. Roger M. Friedinger
Merck Research Laboratories

1998 in Illinois
Dr. Richard A. Lerner
Scripps Research Institute

1997 in Minnesota
Dr. John Montgomery
Biocryst Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Location & Keynote

1996 in Iowa
Dr. David Nichols
Purdue University 1995 in Kansas
Dr. Paul Anderson
Dupont Merck Pharmaceutical

1994 in Illinois
Dr. Arthur Patchett
Merck Research Laboratories

1993 in Minnesota
Dr. Daniel Rich
U. Wisconsin, Madison

1992 in Iowa
Dr. Laurence Hurley
U. Texas, Austin

1991 in Kansas
Dr. Julius Rebek

1990 in Illinois
Dr. Koji Nakanishi
Columbia University

1989 in Minnesota
Dr. John Katzenellenbogen
U.Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

1988 in Iowa
Dr. Carl Djerassi
Stanford University

1987 in Kansas
Dr. William Roush
Indiana University

1986 in Illinois
Dr. Joseph Fried
U. Chicago

1985 in Minnesota
Dr. David Triggle
SUNY Buffalo

1984 in Iowa
Dr. Alan Katritzky
U. Florida

1983 in Wisconsin
Dr. Paul Bartlett
U. California, Berkeley

1982 in Kansas
Dr. Henry Rapoport
U. California, Berkeley

1981 in Illinois
Dr. Harry Wasserman
Yale University

Location & Keynote

1980 in Minnesota
Dr. Eugene Jorgensen
U. California, San Francisco

1979 in Iowa
Dr. Alan Sartorelli
Yale University

1978 in Kansas
Dr. Albert Meyers
Colorado State University

1977 in Illinois
Dr. Heinz Floss
Purdue University

1976 in Minnesota
Dr. Donald Jerina
National Institutes of Health

1975 in Iowa
Dr. Everett May
National Institutes of Health

1974 in Kansas
Dr. Marjorie Horning
Baylor University

1973 in Illinois
Dr. Arnold Brossi

1972 in Minnesota
Dr. Gertrude Ellion

1971 In Iowa
Dr. Bernard Belleau
U. Ottawa

1970 in Kansas
Dr. Corwin Hansch
Pomona College

1969 in Illinois
Dr. Everett Maynert
U. Illinois

1968 in Minnesota
Dr. Bernard Baker
U. California, Santa Barbara

1967 in Iowa
Dr. Julius Axelrod
National Institutes of Health

1966 in Kansas
Dr. Richard Schowen
U. Kansas